In order to get a CPR number as a Nordic citizen residing in Aarhus you must follow these guidelines.

  1. apply for a CPR number online (unless you have a CPR number from a previous stay in Denmark)
  2. book an appointment to appear in person at Citizen Service (Borgerservice) at Dokk1 to complete your registrations. 

Online application for a CPR number

Please have the following documents ready for upload:

• Passport
• Proof of your social security number from your home country
• Proof of your address in Denmark, e.g. a rental contract
• Marriage certificate, if you are married - even if your partner is not accompanying you
• Children's birth certificates, for any accompanying children under 18
• Divorce certificate, if you are divorced
• Death certificate, if you are a widow(er)
• Documents on legal custody, if you are not married to your child's other parent

Your documents must be in Danish, English or German.

For your subsequent appointment with Citizen Service, please bring the receipt you get from your online CPR application and the original documents mentioned above.


Health insurance card (Sundhedskort)

When you appear in person at Citizen Service, you will also choose a general practitioner (family doctor).

Approximately 14 days after your CPR registration has been completed, you will automatically receive a yellow health insurance card (sundhedskort) by post.

The card is your documentation that you are entitled to the services offered under the Danish national health insurance scheme. It carries your CPR number, your address and the name and address of your GP.

You must bring the card when going to see your general practitioner, a hospital or other health care facilities. It is often also used as an ID.

When you register for a CPR number Citizen Service will provide you with a temporary health insurance card on paper which you must use until you get your actual health insurance card by post. 

Read more about the yellow health insurance card (sundhedskort).