If you already have an administrative CPR number / a tax number, or have previously had a CPR number you must book an appointment to show up in person at Citizen Service (Borgerservice) to register your address and entry to Denmark.

You must bring the following documents: 

x Residence permit (non-EU/EEA-citizens)

x EU residence document (EU/EEA-citizens). The date for when your EU residence document was issued must not be more than six months ago. Also if you were registered in the CPR registration system as having left Denmark ,and is now returning, you must apply for a new EU residence document. 

x Proof of your social security number from your home country (Nordic Citizens. Citizens from the Faroe Islands must bring their P number)

x Passport or national ID with photo (must include your place of birth)

x Proof of your address in Denmark e.g. a rental contract

x Marriage certificate, if you are married - even if your partner is not accompanying you

x Divorce certificate, if you are divorced

x Death certificate, if you are a widow(er)

x Birth certificate for any accompanying child under 18

x Documents concerning legal custody, if you are not married to your child's other parent.

x The entry form below (fill in the form before appearing at Citizen Service)

Your documents must be in Danish, English or German.