10.00 - 10.15 A warm welcome and intro to what you can experience at Aarhus City Welcome 2021 
by your host, Phil Hall and Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Mayor of Culture and Citizen Service

10.15 - 10.45 Danish culture - hard facts and soft features 
by Dennis Nørmark, anthropologist and public speaker

11.00 - 11.30 Traditions of the year and the traditions of life in Denmark 
by Marianne Bager, Den Gamle By

12.30 - 13.00 Starting a company in Denmark
by Betina Møller, StartVækst and Vincent Stöber, Commpass56

13.15 - 13.45 Making Friends and dating in Denmark: The secret rules
by Kay Xander Mellish, author and podcast host

13.45 - 14. 00 Announcement of prize winners, thank you and see you next year
by Phil Hall, your host

Photo of Rabih Azad-Ahmad

Welcome Speech by Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Mayor of Culture and Citizen Service
Aarhus City Welcome 2021 is launched with a warm welcome by Rabih Azad-Ahmad, Mayor of Culture and Citizen Service. Rabih will touch upon some of the recent initiatives aimed at the attraction, reception and retention of international citizens that will help you navigate your practical, social and cultural life in Aarhus.


Photo of Dennis Nørmark

Danish culture - hard facts and soft features by Dennis Nørmark
How do you crack the cultural code in Danish social life and at work? Anthropologist and public speaker Dennis Nørmark has worked many years with building the bridge between internationals and Danish professionals. I this talk he presents some of the differences in values and norms relevant for understanding the “weird” Danish culture a whole lot better. 


Photo of Marianne Bager

Traditions of the year and the traditions of life in Denmark by Marianne Bager, Den Gamle By (The Old Town)
As an international in Denmark there may be traditions that puzzles you, surprises you or that find downright weird – from “torturing” your friends with cinnamon to burning “witches”, but also a few less dramatic ones.
Knowing the traditions in Denmark is always a good way to spark conversation with your Danish colleagues, friends and acquaintances regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or have lived in Denmark for years.
Marianne Bager from Den Gamle By, the famous open-air museum, will take you through and explain some of the many traditions in Denmark dating back centuries, to help you navigate those special events during the year and the special occasions of life in Denmark.


Photo of Betina Møller and Vincent Stöber

Starting a company in Denmark by Betina Møller, Startvækst Aarhus
In Denmark, we encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and several times, has Denmark been ranked among Europe's best places to start and run a business. As an expat, starting a business can be a fine way to get your career up and running in Denmark, and you might even profit from the fact that you have two “home markets”.

Betina Møller is a consultant at Startvækst Aarhus - the local business development center in Aarhus. Over the years, they have helped thousands of new entrepreneurs, so they know what it takes! The purpose of Startvækst Aarhus is only one: To help you get off to a good start in your new company!

Betina will be joined by Vincent Stöber, the founder of Commpass56, an Aarhus-based company creating cross-culture strategies and communications solutions for the German market.


Photo of Kay Xander Mellish

Making Friends and dating in Denmark: The secret rules by Kay Xander Mellish
Making friends can be difficult when you're new to Denmark. Most adult Danes already have their friendship networks in place, and they're not always open to newcomers. Where should you go and what should you do in Denmark if you're looking for friends?

Kay Xander Mellish, the author of "How to Live in Denmark" and "How to Work in Denmark" and the voice behind the "How to Live in Denmark" podcast, is an American who has lived in Denmark for more than a decade.

At Aarhus City Welcome, Kay will present specific strategies for making friends and getting to know people in Denmark, along with some insights on the Danish dating scene.

Your host at Speakers' Corner


Photo of Phil Hall

Phil Hall – Global Content Lead at Designit, and your host at Aarhus City Welcome 2021
Once a newcomer himself, he has now called Aarhus home for nine years. When invited to host this year's event, his response was quick: "Yes! Aarhus has given me so much. I'd love to do my bit to give a little something back. Setting up a home in a different city, never mind a different country, has the potential to leave your head spinning. I've been there. I've got the t-shirt. But Aarhus very quickly became my home, and, without sounding too corny, it's where I feel most at home. Yeah, the language is tough to master, and I embarrass myself trying to speak Danish daily. But the culture and creativity flowing through the city, the values, the humour, the outlook on life, the opportunities, and most definitely the people make it all worth it. Aarhusians are something special. I love Aarhus City Welcome because it gives internationals like me a head start and a chance to find their feet. A chance to find the Aarhus that suits them at their speed."
So rest assured - Phil will guide you through the talks at Speakers' Corner and make sure to tell you all about what you can experience at this year's Aarhus City Welcome.