Networking and communities

Do you want to meet new people - internationals as well as Danes? And get a sense of that community feeling? Get to know the people behind some of the great networks and communities Aarhus has to offer. They are more than happy to welcome you!



The logo of Dansk Industri

Expat in Denmark
Expat in Denmark is the largest online community of expats in Denmark. We provide a platform with information about working and living in Denmark, social and professional events, and a platform for knowledge- and experience sharing between expats. https://www.facebook.com/expatindenmark/


The logo of Genlyd

Looking for someone to go for a walk with, drink coffee with, or someone who shares your interests? Www.genlydaarhus.dk is an online bulletin board with invitations from private individuals, clubs, and associations. The site is for everyone interested in meeting new people. www.genlydaarhus.dk


The logo of International Community

International Community
International Community supports expats and their families during their stay in the Aarhus region. We create social and professional networks to the benefit of expats through a wide range of events, seminars, and online activities. No less than 4,000 people are part of the International Community. www.internationalcommunity.dk


The logo of Spouse Community

Spouse Community
Spouse Community Aarhus is a community of enthusiastic international spouses and accompanying partners from across the globe who have made Aarhus their home. Spouse Community Aarhus aims to create an active, engaging and inclusive community that connects new and established spouses. https://internationalcommunity.dk/en-US/Spouse-Community-Aarhus


The logo of KØN Culturemeetings

KØN Kulturmøder
KØN Kulturmøder is a mentor program. The mentee has a dream and goal for the new life in Denmark. Example: take an education, understand the Danish Culture, find a job or become better at speaking Danish. The mentor guides and assists the mentee as well as giving inspiration. KØN Kulturmøder


The logo of Raices

RAICES is a multicultural association that seeks to keep the cultures of Spanish-speaking aarhusianer and to share them with everybody in Aarhus. Our monthly workshops and activities are created by members that want to showcase their skills. We build on the principle that we are “of and for our members”. Everybody is welcome.


The logo of The Space

The Space
Our mission is to empower everyone to share knowledge, information, and ideas and learn from one another. Working together, we create value and friendships that make a difference. We aim to build a community and a support system for every expat living in Denmark. We do so by creating events and experiences that engage, entertain and inspire. We wish to promote a sense of belonging and fellowship, and to be the bridge to Danish society, ultimately making Denmark a home away from home for all expats. www.thespaceaarhus.com and https://www.facebook.com/thespaceaarhus


The logo of Aarhus University International Club

Aarhus University International Club
Aarhus University International Club (UIC) organizes events for international academic staff, guests, lecturers, their accompanying family and friends of Aarhus University. The events promote knowledge sharing and networking among its members, provide participants with practical professional and personal tools, offer newcomers a comprehensive toolbox of information and other resources for a smooth transition to Aarhus and Danish society.
We invite you to sign up for coming events and subscribe to receive our bi-weekly newsletter via our website: www.internationalstaff.au.dk
You can also follow continual updates on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/internationalstaffAU


The logo of Studenterhus Aarhus

Studenterhus Aarhus
Studenterhus Aarhus is the place to be for all students and young people in Aarhus - we are an international house where you can throw parties, meet your friends in the café, join International Night, Board Game Café, concerts or another of the more than 100 cultural events we host every year. We also have a bar with more than 250 specialty beers - for young and old. https://studenterhusaarhus.dk/frontpage


The logo of Aarhus Toastmasters

Aarhus Toastmasters Club
Enhance your competitive position by joining our club that together with 16,600 clubs in 143 countries supports you in the continuous pursuit of communication and leadership excellence. Join as a guest, meet new people, network with Danes and internationals, and guests from other Toastmasters clubs around the world. http://aarhustoastmasters.tmclub.eu' and https://www.facebook.com/AarhusToastmasters


The logo of LGBT+HUSET

LGBT+HUSET (The LGBT+HOUSE) is an organisation in Aarhus with a focus on culture, information, health, and social activities for LGBT+people.
Our goal is to make a stronger, healthier, and more unified LGBT+community in Aarhus. Come be a part of the house. https://lgbthusaarhus.dk/en/



Job search, work-life, and entrepreneurship

Would you like to know who can help you in your job search? Or ask about taxes in Denmark? Or maybe you are thinking about starting your own company?

Meet a range of organisations ready to answer your questions and provide you with great insight to help you and your partner fulfill your professional selves.



The logo of Djøf

Djøf is a trade union, a professional organisation representing members who study or work within the areas of law, economics, strategy, management, politics, administration, business, research, communication, and more. Our 103,000 members work at all levels in the private or public sector, from student assistant to CEO. www.djoef.dk/english


The logo of Dansk Magisterforening

Dansk Magisterforening (DM) - Danish Association of Masters and Ph.D.'s
We offer international students, researchers, and professionals guidance on how to enter the Danish labour market and every other aspect of your job search and career development. We also help you negotiate conditions and salary when you get a job. You can read more about how you can use DM and sign up as a member on https://english.dm.dk/


The logo of HEADSTART

Stop by HEADSTART’s booth and hear about the many activities across Central Denmark specifically designed to wish you a very warm welcome! We would also like to invite you to our ambassador network, where you, alongside other internationals, can help us promote the region on social media. https://www.headstartcareer.dk/


The logo of the Danish tax agency

The Danish Tax Agency
The Danish Tax Agency will be at hand to guide you through the Danish tax system and answer your questions. www.skat.dk/english


The logo of StartVækst

Startvækst Aarhus
Startvækst Aarhus is the local business development center in Aarhus. Over the years, we have helped thousands of new entrepreneurs, so we know what it takes! The purpose of Startvækst Aarhus is only one: To help you get off to a good start in your new company! https://www.startaarhus.com/home


The logo of the International Employment Unit

The International Employment Unit, Jobcenter Aarhus
The International Unemployment Unit provides job search support and guidance to accompanying partners to international specialists and highly qualified internationals based in Aarhus, who are looking to continue their careers within the Danish job market. We offer a wide range of free webinars in English on topics related to the job search process in Denmark, as well as one on one job search support tailored to each candidate. https://international.aarhus.dk/ieu



Language training

Yes, Danish is a tricky thing to learn. Trying to get the hang of the language of a thousand vowels and swallowed consonants isn't easy. But help is out there! Learn about the official Danish Education (DU) and other language training programmes available and get inspired to new ways of learning the language of the Vikings - while meeting other people and having fun!



The logo of Clavis language school

CLAVIS language & competence
CLAVIS is a language center located in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Roskilde. We offer Danish Education, FVU and private lessons, etc. The tuition matches our student’s everyday life with classes in daytime, evening, weekends and online.´www.clavis.org 


The logo of Swap Language

Swap Language
Swap Language helps you learn languages with native speakers in your city. You decide when, where and what you want to learn. Sign up for free and start learning today. And join us for our weekly language exchange meetings! “The fastest way to learn a language? Speak with native speakers” – Swap Language. https://www.swaplanguage.com/Front and https://www.facebook.com/pg/swaplanguage/events/



Sports and leisure

Want to kick-start your social life? Then join a club or an association! Being part of a sports- or leisure club is a sure way to get to meet those Danes and other internationals while sharing a common interest. Have a chat with the variety of sports- and leisure clubs represented at the Information Bazar, or get help finding a sports or leisure club that piques your interest! 



The logo of Danseparaplyen

Danseparaplyen Aarhus
DanseParaplyen Aarhus is a meeting point for all sorts of dance. Dance gives you energy, new friendships, exercise, and joy. Our website offers to be your gateway to dancing in Aarhus. Here you will find an event calendar, an overview of different dance styles and associations, that invites you to dance with them. https://danseparaplyen.dk/


The logo of La Caña

Flamencoforeningen La Caña
Come and dance Flamenco with us and experience the warmth from Spain. Flamenco, originating from Andalusia, Spain is traditional cultural music, dance, claps, and songs with gypsy roots. With Flamenco, you find many expressions and feelings, like happiness, grief, cheerfulness, love, and sadness. www.flamencoiaarhus.dk and https://www.facebook.com/groups/11896735427


The logo of Pro Pace International Choir

Pro Pace International Choir
ProPace Aarhus International Choir is a music community that aims to integrate people from all over the world through music. We meet once a week, sing in different languages, create a great social environment, and when we are ready, we give a few concerts every semester. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of their personal or musical background - our three-song leaders will make sure you fit right in! https://www.propacechoir.com/


The logo of Run for Friendship

Run for Friendship
Free Social Running Club. Run for Friendship is your social running club - we meet twice a week for a run with experienced coaches. All training takes place in English, and our runners are usually a mix of Danes and people from all around the world. Everyone's welcome - whether you're a slow or a pro! 


The logo of the Sports and leisure department

The Sports and Leisure Department, City of Aarhus
We can help you get an overview of the many sports- and leisure associations in Aarhus within your particular field of interest.
If you have children, we can also help him or her find a sports or leisure association through our programme ForeningsMentor International.


The logo of Aarhus Cricket Club

Aarhus Cricket Club
We provide the opportunity to practice and play cricket matches at a centrally located home ground. We have a diverse group of members and welcome new players of all ages and cricketing experience, including complete beginners. https://aarhuscricketclub.dk/ and https://www.facebook.com/aarhuscricketclub


The logo of Aarhus Curling Club

Aarhus Curling Club
Aarhus Curling Klub aims to provide an activity that includes both social interaction and plain old fun while still being physically demanding at a level that fits each individual. We pride ourselves in our mission; Expanding the knowledge of Curling in and around Aarhus through members both young and old. We offer a friendly and including club community. Existing members play with everyone and there's always an open invitation to join one of our teams for a weekend tournament somewhere in Denmark. www.aarhuscurlingklub.dk


The logo of Aarhus Musikskole

Aarhus Musikskole
Aarhus Musikskole is the public music school for all ages in the municipality of Aarhus.
We teach all kinds of instruments, choirs, bands, and orchestras and participate in the city life and branding whenever it is needed. 
Aarhus Musikskole also runs the advanced music course Musikalsk Grundkursus of Eastern Jutland. More than 4.000 students attend the school each year.
We have produced the songs in Sangskattekisten, 14 Danish children songs with charming cartoons, posted on YouTube, and watched more than 90.000.000 times.


The logo of Jysk Akademisk Fægteklub

Jysk Akademisk Fægteklub / Jutland's Academic Fencing Club (JAF)
Fencing has been around for several millennia and developed into one of the world's safest sports since its bloody roots in the era of the musketeers. Fencing can be practiced by everyone from playful children to adults seeking excitement and fun to ambitious athletes aiming to be elite practitioners – we encourage everyone to try! At Jutland's Academic Fencing club (JAF) we offer the first month of training for free and reduced membership for students. https://www.jaf.dk/



Would you like to add a bit more culture to your life? The cultural organisations at Aarhus City Welcome are ready to inspire you on where to get those great experiences that fuel your senses and memories. Are you into art, music, theatre, restaurants, nature, or all of the above? 



The logo of Bora Bora

Bora Bora
Bora Bora is Aarhus' stage for dance and visual theater where you can experience Danish and international stage art and performances without any language barriers. Bora Bora is located right next to the town hall and Musikhuset - and online at www.bora-bora.dk


The logo of The International

The International
The International is a publication targeted at Denmark’s international community and internationally-minded Danes in Denmark. We are an independent magazine-type offering presenting compelling and constructive content in an easily accessible way to assist internationals in their adjustment to life in Denmark. www.the-intl.dk


The logo of Culturebuddies

Kulturkammerater / Culture Buddies
Kulturkammerater /Culture buddies brings together international and Danish newcomers to Aarhus while you explore a cultural site or a leisure activity. Get an intercultural connection or maybe even a new friend - across age, gender, and national background - while you gain better knowledge of the culture and leisure scene of your new city! Who will join you on your adventure? And where will you go - to ARoS, Den Gamle By (The Old Town) or…? You won’t know before we send you off! https://www.facebook.com/kulturkammerater/


The logo of Visit Aarhus

Visit Aarhus
VisitAarhus is the official tourist organisation for Aarhus and the Aarhus region. Meet us for a talk about the wonderful city you are about to or already live in. Ask us anything about culture, shopping, restaurants, events, etc. www.aarhusregionen.com



Is your child ready to start school? Or interested to try a new sports- or leisure activity? Your children - your gold. Your family deserves the best and your kids the best school options and a leisure time filled with friendships, fun, and sports- and leisure activities.



The logo of Aarhus International School

Aarhus International School
Aarhus International School is a private day school for students of expatriate and Danish families interested in an English language programme of studies that prepares students for higher education. As an IB World School, AIS is authorized to offer both the Primary and Middle Years Programme and complies with Danish requirements for international schools. www.ais-aarhus.dk

Logo Kochs Skole

Kochs International
Kochs International is a bilingual department based on the Cambridge curriculum and the Danish National Curriculum. We are a part of Kochs Skole, one of the oldest and largest Danish private schools in Aarhus. We focus on creativity, community, and the desire to create. www.kochs.dk/international


The logo of ForeningsMentor International

ForeningsMentor International, The Sports and Leisure Department, City of Aarhus
Meet ForeningsMentor International (Association Mentors) who helps children from 6 to 17 years of age find the right association for their leisure activity. We can show you the way - or you can get more personal guidance from a volunteering mentor. https://foreningsmentor.dk/english


Logo of Marselisspejderne

Marselisspejderne - Marselis International Scouts of Aarhus
Marselis is an active scout unit, who welcomes children and volunteers with another native language than Danish.
At scouting we educate children and young people to become attentive, self-reliant individuals prepared to assume responsibility in society. We offer outdoor experiences and an inspirational environment where everybody can develop and grow. www.marselisspejderne.dk/international


The logo of Children and Young People, City of Aarhus

Placement Service and Pupil administration (Pladsanvisning og Elevadministration), City of Aarhus
The Placement Service and Pupil administration (Pladsanvisning og Elevadministration) is part of the Department of Children and Young People in the City of Aarhus. We can help you navigate the types of childcare offered in Aarhus Municipality and how you sign your child up for:

  • Daycare (childminder, day nursery, and kindergarten) 0-6 years of age
  • A municipal primary and lower-secondary school in grade 0
  • School-based leisure-time facility (skolefritidsordning/ SFO) approx. ages 6-9
  • A free time club (fritidsklub) approx. ages 10 to 14
  • Youth club (ungdomsklub) approx. ages 14-17



The logo of Children and Young People, City of Aarhus

Pedagogy, Education and Leisure (Pædagogik, Uddannelse og Fritid), Children and Young People, City of Aarhus
Is your family interested in hearing more about attending a municipal primary and lower-secondary school? Let us guide you on the possibilities including the mandatory enrolment in a reception class if your child has little or no knowledge of the Danish language. We can also guide you on what a typical day in a public Danish school looks like, the curriculum, and how to prepare your child for a good start at school. https://international.aarhus.dk/public-schools-in-aarhus/



Have you considered volunteering for a good cause while at the same time practicing your Danish skills and expanding your social network? Volunteering is big in Denmark and the possibilities are endless. Would you like to do social volunteering to improve the lives of others or what about volunteering at big cultural events that will leave both you and other participants with great experiences?



The logo of Rethinker

VisitAarhus’ volunteer programme
VisitAarhus runs a volunteer programme to support the booming cultural and business life in the city and for the pleasure and benefit of the whole of Aarhus, guests, and citizens. Meet some of the people behind the volunteer programme, and explore the many activities where you can join as a ReThinker volunteer. 


Democracy - Election 2021

Did you know that internationals can vote in the upcoming municipal (local) and regional election on November 16?

Logo whatever floats your boat

City of Aarhus - municipal and regional elections November 16
Find out what the elections are about, who's entiteld to vote, how to vote on election day, how to vote before election day and learn more about a special election event for internationals on October 26 at Dokk1.