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The National Register, Citizen Service, City of Aarhus
Ask the National Register, part of Citizen Service (Borgerservice), about how to obtain a CPR number, get or change your GP/family doctor, the yellow health insurance card, or change your Danish address, and unemployment benefits from your home country. We may also guide you to where to find relevant online information from the public authorities in Denmark.



Networking and communities

Do you want to meet new people - internationals as well as Danes? And get a sense of that community feeling? Get to know the people behind some of the great networks and communities Aarhus has to offer. They are more than happy to welcome you!


The logo of Genlyd

Looking to meet new people for coffee, to join you for a walk, or find someone who shares your interests? On the GENLYD website, you can get in touch with people in Aarhus. The site is an online community platform with all sorts of invitations. You can also write your own.


Girl Gone International logo

Aarhus Girl Gone International (GGI) 
Aarhus Girl Gone International is a great initiative that helps women in Aarhus meet new people and receive advice, recommendations, and support. By offering both a Facebook community and free, fun social-get-togethers and workshops, we're building an empowered and connected local community in Aarhus that helps, inspires, and uplifts each other! 


The logo of International Community

International Community 
A network of opportunities. International Community offers free services, resources, and events to those who have chosen Aarhus as their home and place to further their career. If you are an international employee, accompanying spouse, international graduate, or someone who is internationally minded, our activities are for you. 


The logo of LGBT+HUSET

LGBT+HUSET (The LGBT+HOUSE) is an organisation in Aarhus that focuses on culture, information, health, and social activities for LGBT+people. Our goal is to make a stronger, healthier, and more unified LGBT+community in Aarhus. Join us and become part of the house!


The logo of Studenterhus Aarhus

Studenterhus Aarhus 
Studenterhus Aarhus is the place to be for all students and young people in Aarhus - we are an international house where you can throw parties, meet your friends in the café, or join one more than 100 cultural events we host every year including International Night, Board Game Café, concerts, etc. We also have a bar with more than 250 speciality beers - for young and old. 


The logo of Aarhus Toastmasters

Aarhus Toastmasters
Are you a stranger in the new city? Do you feel the need to communicate & connect with new friends? Wanna brush up on your rusty soft skills or build it from scratch? Since 2013, Aarhus Toastmasters have created a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere to help you develop all these skills, and to build a network of like-minded people across Denmark and over 300,000 members worldwide! Drop into meetings every second Tuesday, and experience an environment that includes both Danes, internationals, and guests from across the world. Aarhus Toastmasters on Facebook.


The logo of Aarhus University International Club

Aarhus University International Staff Office
International Staff Office provides guidance and services for international researchers, accompanying partners and families, PhD students, and guest researchers at Aarhus University. Via their website and personalized services, they offer a wide range of practical information and resources to assist AU international staff and accompanying families in the transition to Aarhus and Danish society. Throughout the year, they organize events and workshops promoting practical and cultural insights, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing. International Staff Office on Facebook. 






Job search and work-life

Do you need help with your job search? Or are you curious about how a union can help you navigate your rights and terms of employment, provide professional networks, and assist you in your career? 

Meet a range of organisations ready to answer your questions on how to fulfil your professional goals.



Djøf logo

Djøf is a trade union, a professional organisation representing members who study or work within the areas of law, economics, strategy, management, politics, administration, business, research, communication, and more. Our 108,000 members work at all levels in the private or public sector, from student assistants to CEOs. 


Headstart logo

Stop by HEADSTARTS's booth and hear about the many activities across Central Denmark specifically designed to wish you a very warm welcome - e.g. their Buddy Programme! Headstart would also like to invite you to their ambassador network, where you, alongside other internationals, can help promote the region on social media as a great place to live and work. 


Ida logo

IDA represents the voice of technology – as a professional organisation and trade union based on knowledge, networks, and the interests of more than 150,000 members studying or working in STEM. They are here for you in all matters concerning your work life, salary, network, and financial benefits.


IDCN logo

International Dual Career Network
IDCN-Jutland Funen is a network facilitating professional integration for mobile employee partners from these member companies (and more): Aarhus University, Arla, Bestseller, Grundfos, the LEGO Foundation, the LEGO Group, Region Midtjylland, Siemens Gamesa, and Vestas.
IDCN offers a variety of insightful events, presentations, and workshops on the local employment market, and bring local corporate representatives and IDCN mobile employee partners together. 



ReDi School 
ReDI School is a non-profit tech school for women with migrant- and refugee backgrounds, offering a free program, including IT and tech courses on several levels. Their focus is to create digital empowerment by supporting women in getting access to digital skills and a social & professional network in Denmark. ReDi also works for more diversity and inclusion in the Danish labour market - and especially in the IT field. They believe that newcomers are a great opportunity for society and we are here to give them a helping hand to make use of their potential. 


The logo of the Danish tax agency

The Danish Tax Agency 
The Danish Tax Agency will be at hand to guide you through the Danish tax system and answer your questions.


The logo of the International Employment Unit

The International Employment Unit, Jobcenter Aarhus 
The International Employment Unit provides job search support and guidance to accompanying partners to international specialists and highly qualified internationals based in Aarhus, who are looking to continue their careers within the Danish job market. The team offers a wide range of free webinars in English on topics related to the job search process in Denmark, as well as one-on-one job search support tailored to each candidate. 



Language training

Yes, Danish is tricky - but help is out there! Learn about the free official Danish Education (DU) and other language training programmes available. And be inspired by new ways of learning the language of a thousand vowels and soft d's - while meeting other people and having fun!


A2B logo

Learn Danish with A2B! Join the community of your fellow colleagues, students, spouses, and other internationals who already benefit from A2B's teaching. They teach on-site at your workplace or campus and online and match your level. Experienced teachers are committed to making your learning efficient and fun. 


Clavis Aarhus
CLAVIS is a language center. We offer free certified Danish Education for students, companies, and educational institutions. The tuition matches our student’s everyday life with flexible day, evening, and weekend classes. We teach at our school, online, at your workplace or University. Our inspiring and skilled teachers are looking forward to welcoming you.


Sprogcenter Midt logo

Sprogcenter Midt
Sprogcenter Midt teaches Danish to all international students at AU, AU staff and spouses as well as expats working in companies in Aarhus. They specialise in teaching highly trained professionals and have developed courses to meet your need for flexibility, efficiency, and a socially appreciative learning environment. 


The logo of Swap Language

Swap Language
Swap Language helps you learn languages with native speakers in your city. You decide when, where, and what you want to learn. Sign up for free and start learning today. And join them for weekly language exchange meetings! “The fastest way to learn a language? Speak with native speakers” – Swap Language. Swap Language on Facebook




Have you considered volunteering while at the same time practising your Danish skills and expanding your social, and professional network? Volunteering is big in Denmark! 



The logo of Rethinker

VisitAarhus' volunteer organization ReThinker 
VisitAarhus runs the volunteer organisation ReThinker to support the booming cultural and business life in the city and for the pleasure and benefit of the whole of Aarhus, guests, and citizens. Meet some of the people behind the volunteer program, and explore the many activities where you can join as an active ReThinker volunteer. ReThinker on



Culture, media, and creativity

The cultural organisations and venues at Aarhus City Welcome 2023 are ready to inspire you on where to get those great experiences that fuel your senses and memories. Are you into art, music, theatre, good food, nature, or all of the above? 



Bora Bora logo

Bora Bora
Bora Bora is Aarhus' stage for dance and visual theatre where you can experience Danish and international stage art and performances without any language barriers. Bora Bora is located in central Aarhus next to the town hall. 


The logo of Culturebuddies

Kulturkammerater / Culture Buddies 
Kulturkammerater /Culture Buddies bring together international and Danish newcomers to Aarhus while you explore a cultural site or a leisure activity. Get an intercultural connection or maybe even a new friend - across age, gender, and national background - while you gain better knowledge of the culture and leisure scene of your new city! Who will join you on your adventure? And where will you go - to ARoS, Den Gamle By (The Old Town) or…? You won’t know before we send you off! 



The logo of Visit Aarhus

Visit Aarhus 
VisitAarhus is the official tourist organisation for Aarhus and the Aarhus region. Meet them for a talk about the wonderful city you are about to or already live in. Ask them anything about culture, shopping, restaurants, events, etc.!


Aarhus Public Libraries

Aarhus Bibliotekerne / Aarhus Public Libraries
The 18 public libraries in Aarhus are places to read, work, or study as well as spaces for families to hang out, learn and play. Register to borrow books, e-books, audiobooks, children’s books, international newspapers, magazines, etc. It is free, as are most of their events and activities.



Sports and leisure

Being part of a sports- or leisure club is a sure way to get to meet those Danes and other internationals while sharing a common interest. Have a chat with the variety of sports- and leisure clubs represented at the Information Bazar, or get help from the Sports- and Leisure Department finding a sports or leisure club that piques your interest! 



The logo of Danseparaplyen

Danseparaplyen Aarhus / The Dance Umbrella Aarhus 
Danseparaplyen Aarhus is a network for all kinds of dance. Dancing gives you energy, new friendships, exercise, and joy. Danseparaplyens website offers to be your entrance to dance in Aarhus. Here, you will find an event calendar and an overview of the different dance styles and dance organisers. 


FOF Aarhus
FOF Aarhus - a world of leisure and learning. Here, you can explore your interests, join communities, expand your knowledge, unleash your creativity, and enhance your physical and mental skills. Additionally, we offer a wide range of language courses that are accessible to non-Danish speakers. We look forward to meeting you!


The logo of Jysk Akademisk Fægteklub

Jysk Akademisk Fægteklub / Jutland's Academic Fencing Club (JAF)
Discover the joy of fencing! Meet Jutland's Academic Fencing Club at ACW 2023 and gain insights into a dynamic martial arts sport and the opportunity they offer to practice it in Aarhus. JAF hoped to inspire you to discover the fascinating aspects of fencing and embark on your own fencing journey.


Marselisborg Hockey Klub

Marselisborg Hockey Klub
Marselisborg Hockeyklub and Hørning Hockey Klub are two sports clubs in Aarhus, focused on indoor and outdoor field hockey. We have a senior men’s team and a ladies team, and a youth department. We are very social club with a lot of nationalities within the club - so come and join.


Pro Pace International Choir

Pro Pace International Choir
ProPace Aarhus International Choir is a music community that aims to integrate people from all over the world through music. We meet once a week, sing in different languages, create a great social environment, and when we are ready, we give a few concerts every semester. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless of their personal or musical background - our three-song leaders will make sure you fit right in! 


Run for Friendship 
Run For Friendship is the city’s most friendly running club. They run Tuesdays and Thursdays (come when you can) from the student house (Studenterhus Aarhus) with experienced volunteer coaches guiding the runs – open to all levels, whether you’re ready to run a marathon tomorrow or just got up from the sofa.


Samrådet for amatørkultur i Aarhus Kommune / The Society of Cultural Amateur groups in Aarhus Municipality
Do you want to sing in a choir, play in an orchestra, dance, or join an amateur theatre group? Regardless of your interest, the Society of Cultural Amateur groups in Aarhus will find a club to your liking.


The logo of the Sports and leisure department

The Sports and Leisure Department, City of Aarhus 
The Sport and Leisure Department can help you get an overview of the many sports- and leisure associations in Aarhus within your particular field of interest. If you have children, they can also help them find a sports or leisure association through the programme ForeningsMentor International


the logo of Århus Softball Baseball Klub

Århus Baseball Softball Klub 
Århus Baseball Softball Klub has for many years been a fun and social sports club for internationals. Since Baseball and Softball are more international sports than traditional Danish sports, the club has great experience with welcoming internationals from the Americas, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and more. 


Aarhus Beachvolley Club
Aarhus Beachvolley Club offers training all year round on 19 courts outside and 4 courts inside. Training takes place at all levels – whether you’re a newbie or an expert – join the training or play with friends. 700 members from 3-70 years of age, thick and thin, Danes and internationals make up the club. Aarhus Beachvolley Club is run by volunteers and was awarded sports club of the year in Aarhus in 2022.



Aarhus Kin-ball Forening 
Come and visit AARHUS KIN-BALL! A small and diverse sports club in Aarhus that enjoy playing KIN-BALL once a week. KIN-BALL: French designations, a huge ball, and three teams on the field at the same time. Sounds confusing? Come and hear more!


The logo of Aarhus Musikskole

Aarhus Musikskole
Aarhus Musikskole (Aarhus School of Music) is the public music school for all ages in the municipality of Aarhus.
The school teaches music for children, most instruments, bands, orchestras, a choir school, and participate in city life with many concerts and events. Aarhus Musikskole runs the advanced music course MGK-Eastern Jutland. They have also produced 'Sangskattekisten' - Danish children's songs with charming cartoons, posted on YouTube.





Are you looking for a daycare offer or a school for your child? Or is your child interested in trying a new sport- or leisure activity? Your family deserves the best and your kids the best school options and a leisure time filled with friendships, fun, and sports- and leisure activities.



The logo of Aarhus International School

Aarhus International School 
Aarhus International School is a private day school for students of expatriate and Danish families interested in an English language program of studies that prepares students for higher education. As an IB World School, AIS is authorised to offer both the Primary and Middle Years Programme and complies with Danish requirements for international schools. 


The logo of ForeningsMentor International

ForeningsMentor International, The Sports and Leisure Department, City of Aarhus 
Meet ForeningsMentor International (Association Mentors) which helps children from 6 to 17 years of age find the right association for their leisure activity. We can show you the way - or you can get more personal guidance from a volunteering mentor. 


Logo of Frederiksbjerg dagtilbud

International Day Nursery - Aarhus
The International Day Nursery is a public day nursery run by the City of Aarhus. If you are an international family with a child 0-3 years of age living in Aarhus, this nursery may be the right place for you and your child. The main focus of the day nursery is to provide a stable, warm, creative, playful, and developing environment for the children in close cooperation with their parents. The everyday language in the nursery is English.


Placement Service and Pupil administration (Pladsanvisning og Elevadministration), City of Aarhus
The Placement Service and Pupil Administration (Pladsanvisning og Elevadministration) is part of the Department of Children and Young People in the City of Aarhus. We can help you navigate the types of childcare from 0-17 years of age, signing up your child, and all of the issues below:


Pedagogy, Education and Leisure (Pædagogik, Uddannelse og Fritid), Children and Young People, City of Aarhus
Is your family interested in hearing more about attending a municipal (public) primary and lower-secondary school (Folkeskole)? Let us guide you on the possibilities including the mandatory enrolment in a reception class if your child has little or no knowledge of the Danish language. We can also guide you on what a typical day in a public Danish school looks like, the curriculum, and how to prepare your child for a good start at school.