Wheel of fortune

10.00-14.00 (or as long as there are prizes to win)

- In Lillesal

Test your knowledge about Denmark, Aarhus, and the Danes and win great prizes for the cultural scene of Aarhus!

Treasure hunt


- Opposite the glass elevators at level 1

The treasure hunt will take you around a selection of stands at The Information Bazar. Guess the correct answers, collect letters, and create the right sentence to win an annual pass for:

  • Moesgaard Museum
  • ARoS

The winners are announced in Store sal at 13.45. You'll have to be present to claim your prize.

The Welcome Wall

10.00 - 14.00

- Opposite the glass elevators at level 1

Where do you come from? What is Aarhus to you? And what are you looking for at Aarhus City Welcome 2023?

Take a piece of string and pull it through the loops on the wall according to your answers. The wall will guide you to which area to visit at ACW2023 (but don't forget to explore all the other great stuff going on at ACW2023!).

At the end of the event, you and all the other participants at ACW2023 will have created a visual piece showcasing the "footprints" of everyone interacting with the Welcome Wall.