Joining us from abroad?

As a new feature, this year's line-up of speakers at Aarhus City Welcome 2023 can be experienced online. 

So whether you're joining from another municipality or about to take the plunge and move to Aarhus/Denmark our amazing speakers will set you up for success!

Still, if you're in Aarhus you don't want to miss the entire programme at the physical event at Dokk1!

End of sign-up for the livestream: Saturday, September 30 at 08.00 - the event starts at 10.00.


The line-up at Speakers' Corner


Your host, Phil Hall, will kick off ACW2023 in Storesal followed by Mayor of Culture and Citizen Service, Rabih Azad-Ahmad. 

You will get a great overview of what to experience at Aarhus City Welcome 2023:

  • Which organisations, associations and authorities will you meet at the Information Bazar?
  • What amazing speakers can you look forward to at Speakers' Corner?
  • Who are the lovely experienced internationals ready to share their best advice at the Living Library?
  • Which sports- and leisure associations can you join at the Experience Space?
  • What's in store for the kids?

So lean back and let your host guide you through!


By Dennis Nørmark, anthropologist and author

How do you crack the cultural code in Danish social life and at work? Anthropologist and public speaker Dennis Nørmark has worked for many years building the bridge between internationals and Danish professionals. In this talk he presents some of the differences in values and norms relevant to understanding the “weird” Danish culture a whole lot better.

By Susanne Kjær Eskildsen, The International Employment Unit, City of Aarhus

Job hunting needs structured planning and involves a lot of details. Beat the competition with your CV and be invited for the interview. Elevate your LinkedIn profile and have recruiters reaching out to you. Shine through the interview and get the job! Join the International Employment Unit’s crash course and learn how!

By Hanne Boutrup, C3 Consulting

When setteling in a new country, there are many many things you have to learn, understand, and get used to. Just think about language, food, school systems…. And then of course the culture in a new workplace. During this session you will get tips, tricks and tools to help you navigate Danish workplace culture.

By Tina Toft Pedersen, the Danish Tax Agency 

Tax card, tax return, double taxation, preliminary income assessment. Are you struggling to get the hang of tax in Denmark? And do you wonder why taxes are relatively high? Join this tax seminar and get need-to-know information about how to navigate the Danish tax system.

By Keri Bloomfield, author and speaker

Known for her humorous yet heartfelt stories of finding her way in Denmark, Keri will share her journey so far. From rye bread misdemeanors to finding employment, Keri will authentically tell her story and provide a great opportunity for other internationals to know they’re not alone.

The winner of the treasure hunt is announced at Speakers' Corner at 13.45 in Store sal. Your host, Phil Hall, will draw the lucky winners of amazing prizes for the culture scene of Aarhus.

Please note - you'll have to be present to claim your prize. 

Get a "treasure map" at Lillesal.

The treasure hunt will take you around a selection of booths at the Information Bazar. Guess the correct answers, collect letters, and create the correct sentence.