Enjoy a short performance of flamenco and try out the beautiful dance yourself!
Come and dance Flamenco with La Caña, Flamencoforeningen i Aarhus, and experience the warmth from Spain. Flamenco, originating from Andalusia, Spain, is traditional cultural music, dance, claps and songs with gipsy roots. With Flamenco you find many expressions and feelings, like happiness, grief, cheerfulness, love and sadness. 


Curling with Aarhus Curling Club
Challenge your family and friends for a game of curling on Aarhus Curling Club's transportable curling rink to see who manages to get the stones closest to the target - known as the House. Aarhus Curling Club invites you to try out this unique team sport, usually played on ice, using stones, sweeping methods and often accompanied by shouting. From its humble beginnings as a past time sport on frozen Scottish lochs curling now has elite Olympic and Paralympic status and is played by both men and women.  www.aarhuscurlingklub.dk

Game of curling